Please can someone who knows tell me if this is possible - Can I submit my FBI background check to USCIS? Reason below

Goodmorning all.

2nd visit to US in 2017, met my wife(USC) and married in January 2018

I applied for AOS back in April 2018, Biometrics done, no RFE requested, EAD Received, GC Interview completed in August 2019.

Several contacts through congressman’s office to the local USCIS field office since then, USCIS still said they are conducting background checks.

I’m wondering, for nearly 2 years? They are still conducting a background check?

Now my question is this, can i complete my own FBI background check(all available checks). And then mail the results of it to the field office? Could that potentially be a good solution pathway?

In addition to this, last congressman contact with Uscis, Uscis said their records show I completed my GC interview in April(did not specify year), but I completed my interview in August 2019.

Note: 1. Field office is Salt Lake City Utah. 2. Still married.
3. I am African.

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