O-1 Visa stamp renewal, best countries?

I'm a Brazilian in the US with an O-1 visa.

As you may know, this visa expires every 3 years but there's a stamp that needs to be renewed if I leave the country (in my case, every 3 months). This renewal happens in the country I'm visiting before I fly back to the US.

3 months is a really short time, so basically on every international trip, I must make sure I have an appointment in the consulate to get a new stamp. I've done it in Brazil twice and it takes 3 visits to the consulate (biometrics, interview, and passport pickup), which means I need to stay in São Paulo for at least 2 weeks.

I really want to travel internationally but can't find any information on countries with the best consulate/embassy services, so I can be sure to get my stamp before coming back.

Any advice from O-1 visa holders?


  1. The 3-month expiration on the stamp varies by country, I should have made that clearer, sorry. Most people should have more time in between stamps, Brazil seems to be one of the most strict ones.
  2. And fair -- embassies all closed/very busy now. But I still wonder, in "normal" times, for O-1 holders that want to take a vacation and renew the stamp: what is your thinking process? Do you choose a country based on the times available for the interview? How do you plan for a trip that is months in advance? Or do you just go for it?
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