NVC Status Updated But No Information?

Hello everyone,

My wife and I submitted a CR1 visa application for her and so far everything has been smooth and relatively quick in processing. The application was approved by the USCIS and transferred to the NVC, where I paid the AOS and IV fees and we submitted all of the required documents. We added a joint sponsor, just in case, and also submitted the needed documents for them.

We patiently waited about a month and a half for the NVC to catch up to the date we submitted everything and a few days ago we received an email informing us that the status of our case has been updated. When I log on to the CEAC website I see that all of my AOS documents were approved, however, the joint sponsor and my wife's DS-260 and all civil documents are still in the 'Submitted' status. I looked through the inbox and checked every document to see if there was a message, comment, or any information provided to us at all, but I can't find anything. As far as I can tell, we have submitted all of the correct documents, translations, paid all of the fees. I'm not sure why we didn't receive the 'documentarily complete' email or at least some information on what else may be needed.

I sent an inquiry, but I was hoping that someone in the sub might be able to give me some insight sooner than the response rate for inquiries.

I appreciate the advice in this sub, it's been extremely helpful to my wife and I as we go through the entire process.

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