NVC asked for a document I cannot get unless a physically fly to the other hemisphere into a covid riddled country,

I am in the last stages of obtaining a marriage-based Green Card following the overseas process.

I submitted all my documentation like affidavit of support, and civil certificates (birth, marriage, etc.) to NVC a couple of months ago, and they recently responded asking for an extra police record certificate for Brazil, a country I lived in for 2 years, in the mid-2010s. To further clarify, I am not Brazilian, just lived there for a work assignment.

According to the Dept. State website on Brazilian documents which I must submit because I was there for longer than 6 months, they require a Brazilian Federal Police certificate and a state one. The Federal one was not a problem, and I already submitted and it got approved.

However, state one is proving very difficult to obtain. I hired a Brazil-based agency to help me in this matter, and they could only confirm that said document is exceedingly rare and superseded in importance by the Federal Police certificate. Most importantly - they said that I would need to physically come to Brazil to get it.

I think it's utterly unreasonable to have to take a plane to Brazil to get a document, not only for the cost and time involved but especially for the Covid situation in the country.

Could I tell NVC that I've taken reasonable steps to obtain that document, but I've been unable to do so, and instead submit a sworn declaration that I don't have any past criminal records in Brazil?

I would appreciate any experience that you can share in similar situations.

Thank you!

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