Non-Bachelor Software Fullstack Bootcamp Immigration/Private-Sponsorship

Hey fellas!I'm working though a software development Bootcamp right now and I am super curious on how to get the foot in the door. I always thought that such a bootcamp/skill should be my ticket to the US as developers are high in demand. As I dived deeper into the topic I read that at least the H1-B visa is only for people with a bachelor degree. Then I read something like that sufficient skills for given job are also okay. Another idea was to just get a family sponsorship. But on that I read that it is only possible with nearest family. I actually have just two aunts in the US. On the other hand I read on the Sailing Channel SV Delos a comment by an American guy who invited some indian guy the Delos crew met and who complained about the indian beaurocracy to the US as he will give him a sponsorship visa. Can someone give me some clarity on what my options are?

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