NIE for new L visa application

I posted on this sub some time ago to ask for some guidance with regards to a potential job I was interviewing for. The good news is that they are going to make me an offer! The bad news is that both the internal mobility team and myself are not quite sure on the feasibility of obtaining the required visa and relocation to make sure I can get there within the next three months.

A bit of background, I work in a specialist function for an American multinational, currently based in the UK. I relocated with this company from Belgium to the UK more than three years ago. I checked the criteria for gaining a NIE under the current restrictions and my company's industry is listed as an industry part of the critical infrastructure, they've also been operational during the whole pandemic so far and have most definitely helped critical infrastructure stay operational within the US. My company has also looked for local candidates but have not found anyone equally or more qualified, hence why they want to extend the offer to me. I've been reading a lot about L visa appointments being canceled at the London embassy. Does anyone have any experience with new L visa applications that include a NIE? Are these considered as emergency or expedited appointments? I cannot work remotely and have to be physically present to perform my job, it is a critical role which they wish to fill as soon as possible. In addition, I also support one of our sites in Belgium and can work for a few months from there. Would it help to schedule an appointment in Brussels instead?

Any advice is greatly appreciated. They will connect me with the immigration lawyers as soon as the visa application process is started but I want to increase my chances of getting the offer through by helping the internal mobility team as much as I can.

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