N-400 Naturalization Oath Ceremony De-scheduled (Chicago)

Me & wife had N-400 Naturalization interview at Chicago office end of May. Both of our status online myUSCIS account changed to "In line for Oath Ceremony" within 1 & 2 days. Last week my online status changed to "Oath Ceremony Scheduled" & then notice mailed (for July first week Oath ceremony).

But my wife's online status also changed to "Oath Ceremony Scheduled" at first last week on same day as mine. But her online status immediately changed to "Oath Ceremony de-scheduled due to unforeseen circumstances" & then to "In line for Oath Ceremony" again on same day last week. We were hoping to get updated date for her oath ceremony end of last week - but it is more than a week now and her online status still shows "In line for Oath Ceremony" even after her ceremony was first scheduled on same day as my oath ceremony but got de-scheduled.

Now we both likely have to attend oath ceremonies on separate dates - which is ok. But when will her online status change to "Oath Ceremony Scheduled" again? Has anybody seen this type of issue? How long USCIS takes to schedule Oath Ceremony again after they de-schedule first date due to issues at their end?

Thank you in advance!

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