My friend marrying her partner for a green card

hello, this is a throwaway account because my friend’s partner is very active on here my friend entered the US legally on a student visa and has been in a relationship with a US citizen for almost three years now they have been living together for almost a year and from whatever she’s told me are very much in love and plan to get married some day here’s where the problem comes in though my friend is worried that she might not get an h1b sponsorship since her field of study is not STEM and this would reduce her chances of an employer hiring her she told me that she voiced her concern to her partner and that he was completely on board with marrying her for a visa he did mention that he wanted to sign a prenup because since they would be doing it only for the visa related reasons, he would want both of them to be entitled to their own assets. she was opposed to this for a bit but is softening up to the idea when i last spoke to her.

here are some of her questions: 1. if we get married would my parents have to be involved in the process? 2. how long would it take me to get a green card? 3. should i go through an immigration lawyer for the process? if yes, how much would it cost? 4. my partner and i plan on actually getting married in the future when we are ready to spend our lives together, will this process affect anything? 5. what are the pros and cons of this situation? 6. is a prenup a good step in this process? 7. anything else i should know before we consider this?

thank you so much!

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