Marrying my Wife (UK)

Dear r/immigration

I'm from the UK and my girlfriend is from the US. I want her to move to the UK, but we want to also have the option of living in the US in the future. We were wondering what the best option for this is? I've looked into the K-1 visa and getting a 90-day visa,marrying and then moving her to the UK after that. Could we still apply and wait for the green card while she's living with me in the UK? Are there any other options?

Also I am a physician so I really don't have 90-days to spare to marry her (working as a junior doctor in the UK & probably everywhere else - you really don't get holidays that long), if we were to go through with the K-1 visa, could I leave early, back to the UK possibly after a few weeks?

Appreciate all responses, thanks.

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