Marriage Visa after online relationship

Hi, I'm a 18 year old(soon to be 19) from Japan and I met a girl on the internet 6 months ago. We started talking a lot as friends on video, and as time went by and we developed feelings for each other, we decided to go for an online relationship until we can meet in the (hopefully) near future. We get along so well, we have similar philosophies, lifestyles and aspirations, and we spend a lot of time talking/hanging out on video and even while we're sleeping(lol). We've been thinking about ways to be together in the future and marriage for a green card was one thing we have in mind. However, I know it's difficult and long process and it makes me anxious worrying if something might go wrong and I'll get banned from America. I've read lots of stories of people failing to get marriage visas on the internet and apparently questions they ask you are about things like each other's grandparents names and other extremely specifix things. We both have problematic families and we're considering not meeting each other's family due to racism/toxicity and other reasons. Would it be possible for us to get married after a (predominate) online relationship? Also, I have plans to go to a community college near her university as I've had dreams of studying in America way before I met my girlfriend and having her nearby could be extremely helpful in a foreign country. Would attempting this just harm our chances of getting together? Also, what's the difference between a fiance visa and a marriage visa? Thank you so much if you'e read this far, I genuinely appreciate it.

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