Letter of Employment for consular interview should be notarized copy or original?

Hi everyone, I’m currently in the last steps of an immigrant visa through PERM labor certification through consular processing.

I went for the interview today and they did not accept my Letter of Employment because it was not notarized. It was a printout of a letter printed on company’s letterhead with my director’s signature. I now have to resubmit this document but the only instruction they gave is “notarized letter of employment” and doesn’t specify exactly what this is.

My paralegal is having my director (in the States) notarizing the document, scan and email it to me so I can print it out. Wouldn’t this nullify the notarization? Should I ask her to instead send the original, with the notarization via Fedex instead? Or am I just overthinking this? If anyone could have an insight on this I’d really appreciate it!

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