K1 visa - does the processing time account for the medical exam and the embassy interview?

Hello lovely people of the internet,

I(F-Fr) am currently waiting for my K1 visa to live with my(M-USA) lovely fiancé, and was wondering if the processing time for the visa accounted for the medical visa and the interview at the embassy.

I did try to call the international contact number, but I was sadly unable to reach a human being (for real, the automated voice sounds so much like a human it freaks me out...).

We've recently celebrated our 5 years of long distance relationship and I just can't wait to be living with him. Well I guess I can wait, and that I'll have to wait, but I would really help to have a better idea of how long I need to wait.

Thank you in advance for your answers (and excuse my French if the English seems awkward)

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