Just graduated on an F1 visa and AOS pending. However, I want to cont to study, what should I do?

So my case is:

Just freshly graduated with an AA degree (not ADT - Associate Degree) and my F1 visa will expire in late July. I already submitted paperwork for a green card so currently, AOS pending.

Here is the thing:

I want to continue to study some GE classes at college to transfer to uni later. Because I got a AA degree, my type of transfer to uni would be under Upper Division Transfer. This is where the trouble begins. My GE classes requirement for AA degree is not the same as the GE requirement for ADT. Therefore, I still need at least 6 GE classes to finish the CSU General Education Breadth Requirements for transfer.

What should I do to study those 6 classes? Should I apply for a new program at my college to maintain my F1 visa and also eligible to study those 6 classes? Or is there a way to extend my F1 visa?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated because this is kinda urgent :-(

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