Job offer as a tattoo artist/apprentice

Hey! Both me and my partner (from Finland) were offered a job in the states. We are pretty new to the industry, only having worked for a bit less than a year each. We still make good money, own our own business/studio here and would have plenty of work as soon as we get there and the opportunity to learn under the great artists who own the studio. Right now they are turning people down and missing business since they are all fully booked already. (The studio is well established and known)

Unfortunately none of us really get what visa we should be going for, there’s so many options since we kind of fall in between all of them. Plus h-1B and H-2b visas seem to be lottery only? How viable is it to get one of them? When are the lotteries held?

Alternatively there’s H3 trainee visa which does not allow getting paid though? Could J-1 visa work in an apprentice type of situation? Or F-1 or M-1 visa?

O visa seems to be out of the question since we are not world renowned artists.

Thanks heaps in advance. Really appreciate all and any help on this.

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