J2 EAD card lost

Hi so my wife has applied for her EAD while on a j2 visa we received an approval letter on the 20th April and her SSN shortly after. So we were waiting for the EAD card to arrive and eventually after 6 weeks we decided to look into it, so according to details the EAD card was meant to be delivered on the 14th 6 days before we received the approval letter. We've checked with USPS and they said it was delivered and USICS said it should be delivered. From what we understand we will have to reapply and pay the processing fee again which is ridiculous considering it appears to be a clear fault on either the USCIS or USPS end but neither are taking responsibility. What's our options as she's been waiting to start working and having to go through the application process again will mean she will be at home without work for a long time again!

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