J1 Visa Question

I have a question but I haven't found the answer to it yet.

I've got an offer for a postdoc position at a US university and I am going through the visa process at the moment. Unfortunately, due to covid and other restrictions, it is not so easy. I needed one month to find a working US Embassy and schedule the appointment there, because the local one is closed. But the main problem is, the interview date matches the start date in the current DS-2019 form. I have requested a new DS-2019 form with updated dates and the university has sent it to me, but I am not sure that I will get it before the appointment. Rescheduling the appointment is not a good idea because booking a new date may be very difficult.

Has anybody had an experience with such a situation? Will this be a reason for a visa rejection or can the embassy officer see the updated dates in DS-2019 somewhere in his system?

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