J-1 Process length/Marriage Visa

Hello guys, In one hand, I'm currently part of a program to get an apprenticeship in the US, but i have known by other people in the program that the process due to Covid is going way slower than normal.

So my question is, how much does it take usually this process? I want to move with my partner and I really need a realistic period of time in which i could have my visa, so i can plan and organice myself also my partner.

In the other hand, we have been living together for a year in another country that's not the US, I was wondering, as i was reading in other threads that you have to live within the US territory for 3 years, so my question is, if we agree in getting marry, do I get a temporal visa in order to fulfill that requirement of 3 years with in the US? And the most important, can you work right after getting marry ? Or there is another process? Thanks.

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