Immigraton Law Issue

I got married in Bahrain before my divorce was finalized in the United States. It was a mistake on my end, I had forgotten that there’s a 6 month-waiting period. The marriage in it self was arranged, and we got separated right away. I divorced her Islamically but had forgotten to do the legal divorce.

Now I wanna petition for my wife but my marriage contract was done on a date I wasn’t allowed to be married in accordance to US Law. I got married in Bahrain December 7,2020 but my divorce in California was finalized on December 9,2020. And my allowed date for remarriage is May 13,2021. I filed the divorce on november 12,2020.

I have waited to start the process but now I am unsure of what I have to do. I signed and submitted the divorce papers to the court before I got married in Bahrain, but it took time to process and then there’s a mandatory 6 month waiting period you have to wait to get remarried.

Can I petition for my wife with my current marriage contract even if the dates are not valid for a US marriage?

Can I apply for a fiance visa? and if i do, do I list her as married or single? or do i have to first divorce her? Can i start the petition before her divorce becomes final?

I don’t know how I can make my marriage to my current wife valid in terms of US Law, it’s valid in Bahrain and it’s valid in my religion.

Can I start the petition or not? And if not, what can I do to help fix my mistake?


I want to petition for my wife I married over seas. But my marriage contract was done on a date I was still considered “married” in California. However, at this moment I am allowed to get married. I tried to get a new marriage contract, but they won’t let me do it in Bahrain or in another country.

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