If I am a derivative of a parent petition for a green card, will I be able to get an F1 visa?

Hi! I'm 20, and my family is in the process of getting our green card. We started the process a few years ago. My dad is a Florida resident, and he filed a petition for my mom. Since my brother and I are underage, we would get the green card too as derivatives of a parent petition. We are almost done with the process; we are just waiting for the interview date (which could take months).

My problem is; I got accepted into a US university, and I have to apply for a student visa. I know it can be tricky to get a student visa while waiting for your green card interview because on the student visa, you state that you don't want to stay in the US, and with the green card, you say that you want to stay.

All the paperwork was approved in April of last year, and they told us that we just have to wait for them to give us an interview date. I was hoping that maybe because the wait time for the green card is uncertain it would be possible and understandable for me to get a student visa.

I was thinking maybe in my case; I won't have a problem since I am a derivative of a parent petition? Maybe I will have problems either way?

I need your help! Going to study in the US is really important to me, and I wouldn't want my chances of going to be affected because of this. Thank you so much! :)

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