I-824 form green card

Hi everyone. Does anyone have any experience with i-824 ? I had to leave the country in December of last year because my lawyer made a mistake with the visa. It says uscis received my form on October 12 2020 and I still haven’t gotten it approved let alone received any news. Has anyone applied for i-824 and got theirs approved? My lawyer said he’s sure I should get an interview at the US embassy this summer because I’m still under 21 but I don’t know much about that:( I also don’t have much info, just that I had an interview in California before I left the country and that my case is going to get transferred to the national visa center. I’m hopeless...especially after seeing people’s cases getting approved everyday and then there’s you waiting desperately with no news. Not many people talk about I-824 so there’s no comparisons I can make either. :( school in the US starts in 2 months and I managed to stay in my current hs but with uscis not doing anything I might lose everything I’ve fought so hard for. Thanks in advance!

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