I-485 Inadmissibility Question

I am a US citizen and I recently petitioned for my wife who is a DACA recipient. My wife came to the United States at the age of 4 with fraudulent documents, but she left the country in 2016 and was paroled back in. I realized that our attorney checked yes on questions 64 and 65 of the I-485 form asking if she has ever submitted fraudulent documents or lied to for entry. In my opinion, those questions imply intent, and she did not know what was happening at the time.

So I am questioning if we did the right thing by checking yes now that her sister got her green card through the same process by saying no to those two questions. Our attorney is all for full transparency, but I am worried that we overplayed our hand. Did we do the right thing? What should we expect from the interview? Thank you

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