How to get in touch with USCIS for an emergency?


I want to send the following message to USCIS:


I’m a graduate of the University of Rochester, currently on an F1 OPT, and I’d like to extend my F1 OPT to the F1 OPT STEM extension. As I’m awaiting the OPT STEM recommendation from my University, I’m stuck in India, and there’s a travel ban between India and the US.

The current requirement for filing the OPT STEM extension requires presence in the US. My visa for entry to the US expires on July 4, and the last date of filing the OPT STEM extension is July 15. Since there’s no guarantee that the travel ban will be lifted in time, I request you to waive this one requirement of presence in the US for filing the OPT STEM extension. Can you make an exception on this one requirement, of presence in the US for extending the OPT in the light of the covid pandemic?


But I couldn't really find anything on Google on how to contact the USCIS. I called the phone number listed on their website too but couldn't get in touch with a human. What is the best way to get an answer to this question?

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