I am a Pakistani living in USA,I dont know if its the right group to post this or now but im so tired and tearful that I just need an angel from God. My mom had sponsored my brother back in 2016,hes a CMA CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL from IMA USA,he has done his masters in accounting as well.We were travelling back and forth between USA and PAK as I was still completing my degree so me and my mom dont have tax return for past 3 years.I need a cosponsor for my brother,my uncle has sponsored us but due to the problem in his return hes unable to sponsor him. My mom is 61 year old and just started working for the sake of my brother,im just helpless,my father left us when I was 4,my elder brother married and left us,my brother is the one who supported us all along,and now im unable to help him.If any kind soul can just give a cosponsor to my brother ill just be so thankful to you.Please help a sister out,my brother is even working virtually in USA but the company's owner has already cosponsored.Im willing to disclose everything if u r willing to cosponsor my brother,he just need an affidavit of support. Incase if someone has a big heart to do so kindly contact me at 5716601249 0r leave a message at this number and ill contact you.

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