HELP! My son and daughter were separated by inmigration!!

I live in Venezuela, single mother of two. I sold my house for 10.000$USD for both of them to have them to work in the US and have better lives. They both were arrested in Texas 7 days ago, a friend that has legal residence could called them. He could only talk to my daughter and she said that she was ok, but then a cop interrupted, my friend asked for my son and the policeman answered that he WAS there, but nothing else, i couldn't talk to my son.

Today my dear daughter called me and told me she was being retained in Georgia, with many women, but since she was arrested, she did not saw her brother. She said that they took away her backpack and threw it on a container with many other bags, and wore on an orange jumpsuit. All people were was called to ride on some busses and when she was lining up to ride the bus, she saw her brother away, in another line, but he didn't saw her, she wasn't allowed to get close to him, she asked a policeman "Where is that bus going?" and he answered "To Houston.".

I looked for my son in the ICE Online Detainee Locator System with the correct data and none of them appear, I haven't known anything about my son ever since, I don't know where he is, if he's alive, if he's being treated well... I haven't slept all these days because I'm so worried, please help me what do I do???

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