Getting MARRIED on Tourism VISA (while waiting for K1 VISA)

Just like the description says.

We put in our K1 visa and got NOA 1 some months ago. We think we can both be together in the USA by the start of 2022.

HOWEVER, looking at the reopening of Europe for Americans, I feel that America will soon start to process non-immigrant tourist visas.


If my fiance visits America as a tourist, to see if she likes the country (has never visited before) to quench her curiosity for the American landscape... Can she then decide spontaneously to marry me.

The logic being "I came to see what the fuss was about, and I was taken by the beauty of America. I love the country and my man. I decided why wait any longer and so we got married."

"I decided to stay after entry, Please process my AOS, thanks <3."

Would immigration blink on this one? Would they give me a hard time? Why is immigration so damn stupid? Can't they just let people get on with their life?

My fiance is pregnant. And this whole situation makes me want to become an activist against this insane immigration system. Do you understand? I can go to the airport, and they will let me and my baby board but reject my wife! What kind of sick game is this...

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