I’m at my wit’s end with this law firm. They’re breaking all kinds of business codes and we are helpless against all their practices.

  1. Unrealistic estimates of H1B transfer filing time (I’ve had it done in 4 weeks by a small law firm before, but Fragomen has estimated 10 weeks, citing no real explanation or timeline but they’re very busy. Not professional. )
  2. No signatures, names, contact numbers in any of their emails, never identify themselves. No customer support contact number either. It’s like a shady underground club.
  3. When asked to make a simple date correction in the submitted questionnaire, they gave me roundabout answers, took 5 days to respond, and eventually I asked them to re-open my questionnaire and they sent me a new one. The questionnaire which took me 3 hours to complete, was wiped out. If anything bad happens to my filing, they will not take responsibility.

All of this sounds like huge grounds for complaints, but of course no way to complain.

We all work for our money. We all have busy days. We don’t give this kind of service to our customers. It seems that they have found a perfect market where end customers will not say peep about their poor quality and they can make money from big corporations on the back of poor employees, some of whose lives are being affected by their practices.

And to think this is the state of “legal immigration”.

Do we as the employees have any type of rights in this case? Does anyone know their customer support number? Or any way to communicate other than the anonymous emails?

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