F2A timeline

Hello. I'm currently 17 years old on an H4 visa but I'm planning on renouncing it (probably) since I'll be spending prolonged periods of time outside the US. We're Indian and my parents have a priority date of June 2017 filed in the EB2 category (planning to switch to EB3 since it's moving faster but preserving the priority date somehow... my dad explained it but I don't understand it fully).

  1. Is that even possible? He seems so certain that my mom will get her EAD next year and they'll be able to file for an I-485 later next year. I'm not sure if he's being overly optimistic or what.
  2. If it somehow comes to fruition and they get their green card, will they be able to sponsor me for F2A before I turn 21?
  3. How long does it take to process a F2A green card and get it, and do I have to meet the conditions the whole time while it's being processed or only when it's filed? For example, if it's filed when I'm 20, will it still be valid if the processing time takes way past my 21st birthday?
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