F1 visa denial with full scholarship

I am international first year student from post Soviet Union country. I got into state university with full scholarship ( full,tuition room and board, insurance and other fee).I graduated high-school 2 years ago and I had two gap years.(last gap year wasn’t planned because of covid I had to).Today I had interview and I got rejected under 214(b).I have perfect academic records.

I try to explain how interview went:

Officer:Hi how are you how r u doin?

Me:Good morning,thanks i am good

Officer looking at my i-20:So I see you got scholarship.


Officer:So where is this scholarship coming from?

Me confusedly: telling about scholarship

Officer: I see but where is this coming from?

Me: i say my university name


Officer: What high-school did you graduate

Me:I say my school name

Officer:When did u graduate?

Me: 2019 2 years ago

Officer: What did u do during these two years?

Me: i decided to take a gap year

Officer pretend he is not understanding what I am saying: what?

Me:Gap year

Officer: Yea gap year ok

Me trying to explain why i took second gap year

Officer didn’t listen to and: were you employed during these years

Me: No I wasn’t

Officer:wait a minute/ goes back and starts talking about something with someone in the background( I am not sure he was talking about me, maybe he was talking about his own stuff)

Officer: So do u study here in your country as well?

Me: No I am not

Officer: Sorry your visa isn’t approved continue your education here

So what do you think could go wrong?What do you suggest me to do? He didn’t ask any other docs other than i-20 and passport.Also I had rejection from Poland embassy 2 years ago and its stamp was in my passport and officer saw that.Plus that day literally no one got a visa.Please help. Any advice will appreciated.Thanks

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