F1 Interview Embassy

Is it possible for them to say "Sorry you are ineligible for the visa (F-1) as you don't have a credible source of funding" and give me a "214(b)" slip which means I have immigrant intent.

The examiner saw my school's tuition and I think my examiner was in disbelief that my Uncle would give me $75,000 per year with a small scholarship from the school. He then asked for the bank statement and I showed it to him. He got a blue slip and said those words. Due to this, they'll issue me (Uncle and Aunt) a trust fund to prove I'll have good funding. Any reason here why I got denied the visa? Any tips for the next interview? Thank you guys, any reply is appreciated!

You can PM me for more detailed reasons why my uncle is paying. I just want to keep things discreet.

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