F-1 renewal after 3 years of no international travel

Hello, I’m an F-1 student currently in the US (valid status). I finished my undergrad STEM OPT recently and will be starting my Masters this fall (did a SEVIS transfer). My expected graduation date is May 2023.

I’m looking at going home next summer 2022 to get a new F-1 stamp. I am not going home this year to get a new f-1 stamp due to Covid situation in my country and potential lockdowns.

My f-1 stamp expired summer 2019, and I’ve been in the US validly the whole time. I didn’t go home last year (also due to Covid), by the time next summer comes around I would have been in the US three years without having left the US.

My question: will this negatively affect my next F-1 visa interview/application?

Historically I have traveled back and forth from the US a lot and my DSO says that shows that I have a life outside the US. I am just nervous that not leaving the US for a while will “look bad” to visa officers, but I’m hoping they’re understanding about Covid. I am probably overthinking this, but would love to get your insight. Thank you!

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