EXPEDITE REQUEST question about "Clear USCIS error"

Hello everyone,

I received my NOA 1 on April 10th (received March 19th) almost 3 months now waiting for my fiance's K1 visa to process.

She is pregnant and I have decided to stay in her home country to support her until the baby is born. Her boss fired her and her family cannot support her. I am putting my grad school on pause and will be living off my dwindling savings.

I understand that none of these are reasons for an expedite request.

HOWEVER, I recently learned that one of the criteria for an expedite request is "Clear USCIS error"

Upon looking at my NOA 1 letter I see that they have spelled my name wrong on the addressed to line, and added "in care of" (C/O) on the line beneath it with my correct first name:



What are the implications of them spelling my name wrong? Will this affect my petition? Do I have a case for an expedite request? Am I grasping at straws or am I within my rights to pursue this expedite request?

PLEASE, if you read this leave me a comment. I would like to think I can catch a break off a technicality. But also, would like honest feedback.

Thank you for your time, wish you all well

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