Essential Land Border Travel Include Those with EAD?

The language online is very vague so apologies if this has been asked before/is a super simple question.

Me: I am a Canadian citizen, living and looking for work in NYC with my American spouse, waiting for my I-485 (permanent residency based on marriage) to be approved. I have a work permit combo card which includes advanced parole to re-enter the US (I-131/I-765 approved). I am also fully vaccinated with an FDA approved vaccine (was vaccinated in NY, last dose in April).

I have been in Niagara Falls, Canada visiting family for about a month, but now I'm trying to get back to NYC. The simplest and fastest way for me to get home to NYC is to walk across the US border at the rainbow bridge and fly from buffalo to NYC, because it doesn't involve going to Toronto or getting a covid test (my family literally lives 20 minutes away from the rainbow bridge). However, I am concerned that I am not considered "essential travel" and may not be allowed across the land border.

Does anyone have experience with this? Would I be allowed to cross with my documentation?

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