EB3 visa - AOS vs Consular Processing

Hi everyone. I got my PERM approved while I was about to leave the US after my OPT expired. I'm currently in the grace period, and I was contacted by my lawyer saying that I have the choice to stay for AOS or to move forward with consular processing.

Normally, I would move forward with AOS seeing that it's the safer option. However, before my PERM was approved, I negotiated a foreign contractor role with my CEO to perform contracting work outside of the US. This came with a hefty raise, which would allow me to save up a lot of money for grad school and for myself. I would not have to pay rent in my country and the tax situation in my country makes it more attractive. I would be performing this work until my green card is approved.

My company wants me to do whatever suits me the best, and I have their full support. My company is a small (30+ employees) biotech company in silicon valley that I've given a full 3 years to. I have attended a prestigious college in the area as a STEM major. My home country does not have a backlog for the visas. I feel confident about my qualifications, but I'm worried about the risks surrounding consular processing. Any thoughts or advice?

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