Eb1 with premium processing worth it alone?

Hi everyone,

Some here seem very knowledgeable or at least can make a guesstimation of my question so here goes;

I am a filmmaker from an eu country. I've won the highest national awards in my profession and several other nationally and internationally. I've sat in juries to judge others work, I was shortlisted from my country for the Oscars but didn't make it. I've attended A-list festivals with my films. I've made both films and tv series. Commanded high salary within my field. Been written about in many publications both nationally and other countries. Also some US based publications.

I think I meet more than the 3 criteria that's needed for EB1B, but also wondering if it's worth paying the premium processing and if it's something I can do alone without an immigration lawyer.

Any thoughts are appreciated :)

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