EAD Card wrong start date

I ordered an I-20 from DSO with a start date of 07/12/21 for applying to OPT. I got that I-20 on Feb 15 and I was about to send the I765 application to USCIS when I got a job and my manager asked me to push my EAD start date to June I could. As I did not send the application yet I requested a new I-20 from my DSO with a start date of June 14th. I got the new I-20 on March 10 and I applied for OPT on March 11th with recieved date of March 12th. My application just got approved but the EAD has start date of my first I-20 which is July 12th. I'm not sure how this has happened. What should I do? I'm 99% sure that I send the correct I-20 as I made two copies one for sending and one for my records. I can wait to start work next month but I'm just looking for an explanation of this error. Should I report to USCIS with typographic error. Any help would be really appreciated.

TL;DR - EAD issued for wrong start dates which match the I-20 I got from DSO before recieving a job offer.

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