Do I have to maintain H-1B status while waiting for a green card?

I'm on H-1B visa and am currently lawfully employed in the U.S. at a startup in silicon valley. My spouse is a green card holder (a permanent resident).

November 2020, I filed I-130 and I-485 concurrently along with I-131 and I-765. I have received a receipt notice for each of these applications (my I-485 case says "Fingerprint Fee Was Received"). I have not received my EAD or advance parole yet. I also haven't received a notice for a biometrics appointment.

Right now, my new employer is abusive, so I'm thinking about taking a few months off work before I land myself a new job. I wanted to know if I can stay in the U.S. without being employed at this point. I'm also curious if I can start working again under H-1B before my EAD arrives. My initial H-1B Aug 2022.

Anybody had a similar experience? My attorney is being unresponsive..

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