Divorce decree copy for DCF - Direct Consular Filing for Spouse Visa

Has anyone presented a copy of the divorce decree for their Direct Consular filing process for Spouse Visa application?

Specifically, the original or certified copy is being asked in my spouse's document checklist and it does not apply to him because he hasn't been married and divorced before.

However, I am divorced, does it apply to me? At the petition appointment at the US Embassy I only had to present a copy of the divorce decree.

The checklist reads:

''Obtain the following original documents or certified copies for yourself " this is directed to the immigrant spouse.

I also think the language used implies some flexibility on what constitutes proof:

" Proof of the termination of each previous marriage must also be submitted (e.g., original or certified copies of the death certificate of spouse or of final decrees of divorce or annulment). The divorce certificate must include the filing date. "

All I have is a copy of my divorce decree, would that be enough? getting a certified copy would slow down the process and add at least an extra 7-10 days to the process and that would be an issue since I've already pushed back my new job start date in the US twice...


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