Canadian trying to immigrate to the USA

Good day!

Trying to move my family from Edmonton, AB in Canada to Jacksonville, FL in the US. Does anyone know if the process for E5 or even E2 visa can be started while working on a passport?

I do not have my proof of citizenship (lost wallet years ago, didnt bother for a replacement then) and the process for a replacement takes a while (15months) so I thought it might be good to act on a petition for E5 or E2 since they also take time, to save on time.

E2 is quicker, but has no direct route to a green card.

E5 is significantly more expensive, also takes longer (ETA 13months) but does have a path to a green card.

I just figured to cut my wait time from 15+13+2 months (replacement citizenship card + E5 + passport) to 15+2 months potentially (replacement citizenship card in tandem with E5 + passport).

Thank you in advance for the responses!

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