Canadian gf long term visitor/student- we are wondering how to go about renting an apartment?

Hello! Thanks in advance for reading this.

I am currently saving up money to rent my own place. I know that my girlfriend will be visiting long term- we looked over how long Canadians can stay in the US and it says she can stay for 6 months out of a 365 day period- when I move out how do I go about renting a place? If she is a foreigner should she still be on the lease? We know she cannot work while she visits and we are totally okay with that- she's saving up as much as she can on her end. (for the record we don't plan on doing 6 months straight, she came last year in November so she will come mid October until January; and then that should leave us with 3 months until Nov 2022)

She was also planning on going back to school next year- she's looking into some colleges in my area and we were also wondering if that changes anything in terms of renting an apartment due to her being here for full semesters vs her just visiting for a few months. Are there specific applications or forms she needs to fill out to rent a place as a student?

Sorry for any errors and thank you for your help!

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