Canadian citizen, never lived in Canada, desiring to relocate to USA for a little over a year.

As it says in the title, I was born in Jordan and have lived my whole life here. I went to college in Montreal in 2008-9 but dropped out, and moved back to Jordan. During this time, I acquired my SIN but never went back to visit Canada.

My long term partner received a great job offer in New York (2 year contract) so I encouraged her to take it, believing I would be able to figure things out with my business and follow her shortly after. This is around the time COVID hit, and it drained me financially. My plan was to make enough money, that I could take any under the table job and still be 50/50 so we could live comfortably together for the year or so I'd be living with her. During this time, I would apply to as many jobs that would help me apply for a work visa to continue past the 6 month maximum allowed for a Canadian.

I guess my concerns are, I need to find a proper job BEFORE relocating, and somehow leverage my Canadian citizenship to expedite the process of obtaining a visa. I'm afraid not having ever lived in Canada would hurt my chances. Also my qualifications are nothing spectacular; a diploma in Hospitality Management (but never having worked more than 6 months in the industry), I had much better success with my own business ventures till COVID and my country's way of dealing with it bankrupt me. Part of me just wants to pack my bags and YOLO over to NY and figure it out once I'm there!

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