Canada to US border crossing

I am hoping to see my SO during at some point in June of this year. We are both medical students studying remotely - and have time off in June. Both of us are vaccinated (not that that legally makes a difference at a border crossing). My SO lives in Canada and I live in the US.

I was foolishly under the assumption that the US borders were not closed, and we had figured out that, to cross a land border back into Canada would require him to quarantine at home once back across the border, after receiving a negative COVID test in the US. However I am now realizing that the challenge might be him actually entering the US. Most websites state that the land border is "limited to essential travel" however I am not seeing any wording that explicitly states that he would be turned away at the land border (specifically in the Buffalo, NY area). Does anyone know if this is the case? On websites such as this I am only seeing wording that travel through the land border is "restricted", which to me does not explicitly mean prohibited. I just can't seem to find transparent language on any US gov't site other than "restricted" travel, whereas the Canadian government website is much more specific on who can enter and how.

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