Are Kathmandu Consular Officers more prejudiced than East Asian country officers?

I am an American citizen married to a Nepalese national. We currently live in China.

I have a potential opportunity to join a remote company. We would both very much like to return to Nepal while our IR1 Visa is being processed. However my husband has some reservations about that. He believes that our case will have problems if we do our marriage interview at the Kathmandu. You see, when he was young he tried to apply for a US student visa several times. He was always denied… Many factors influenced his continual denials, however one that he believes is that the consular officers must make a certain amount of denials… he is worried that if we change back to Kathmandu we will be facing some prejudice as he did during his student application process. Do you believe that there’s any truth in this concern? I’m not sure whether it’s anxiety or something we actually have to be aware of.

We really don’t want to live here anymore, but we also don’t want to jeopardize his green card by returning…

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