Applied for a green card in May and OPT F-1 status expiring in August


In May I applied for a green card while I was still on a student F-1 visa status which will expire in mid August. The school's international students center told me that

"From when you initiate your green card application status, you have 10 days to report to us the change of status so that we can properly close out your SEVIS record. You cannot be in the U.S. under two immigration statuses."

I didn't report it within 10 days and still haven't yet..

I have two questions to clarify:

1) When should I or can I end my F-1 status (and how)

2) What will be my immigration status in the U.S. once my F-1 status ends, but I haven't been approved for the green card yet.

Thanks a lot

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