Am i qualified for extreme hardship waiver?

Good day!

I received a letter regarding request for evidence of my K1 Visa application. They want me to comply with the 2 Year Meeting Requirement. This is my timeline . Hoping for any response at this

Timeline: Met my fiancee first encounter not officially dating- November 2016 (Licensure Examination) Officially dating as bf/gf online- Sept 1, 2017 Our second met up as official bf/gf- May 2018 Supposed to meet her again and already got plane ticket but my mother got diagnosed with cancer so everything was cancelled-September 2019 I filed K1 visa- Oct 2020 RFE received just today for not complying 2 year rule requiremen - June 2021.

Im totally confused about the timeline situation especially with the 2 Year meeting requirment. Pls shed any light to this matter and I would really appreciate it.

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