Am I inadmissible for Visa to Canada and US? How to find out?

I'm from the UK and wish to attend graduate school in either the US or Canada. However, I am concerned that I may not be granted a Visa because I was arrested (for sending aggressive messages - I am not sure whether the police charged me under 'threats to kill' or simply 'cyber harrassment'). The charges were dropped for a number of reasons including no public interest, extenuating circumstances (I was mentally unwell at the time), otherwise clean record etc. I have never been in trouble with the police before or since that incident and the arrest was now over 5 years ago.

Does anyone know whether I will be able to get a Visa to attend graduate school in either the US or Canada, and if not, who I can contact to find this out? I don't want to spend £500-£1000 sending off applications to grad schools only to get a place and then be told by border control that I can't enter the country. Thank you.

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