Affidavit of support: my father is 65 and showing his current job/income for sponsoring my GC. Would his age be an issue since it’s close to retirement?

Recently got my NVC a welcome letter after 6 years under the adult child category. Just wondering if USCIS would think how would my father support me after he retires since he’s already 65?

He’s currently doing a 9 to 5 and will be submitting all relevant documents (previous year tax transcript and employment letter) but not sure if his age is an issue here since ideally he’s supposed to support me until I become a citizen OR have 40 quarters of work.

Wouldn’t they ask me at my interview: Isn’t your father going to retire soon? OR How is your father going to support you after retirement?

I’ve waited 8 years for my priority date to become current.

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