Advise on a complicated case: F1, B1, 6 months limit, etc.

This is my complicated scenario and I hope I can get some advice on whether it’s doable.

  • I have both B1/B2 and an unused F1
  • The earliest admission date on F1 is Aug 2
  • I entered the US on B1 in Jan 2021 and just left in the current June
  • I want to visit Boston in July to prepare my student housing. I know I can’t enter on the F1. I’m aware of the unspoken rule of a maximum of 6 months a year on B1 which I’ve used up.

My questions: A- I’m wondering if it’s still easily doable to enter on the B1 B- If so, would “I’m visiting to explore the city and prepare my student accommodation before I start my program” be a valid reason for the the CBP officer to admit me? Do I have to go into details about how I’ll leave a month later and come back on the F1? C- What’s the cheapest, fastest way to cross the border from Boston, MA and back so I can switch to the F1? I don’t have a Canadian visitor visa and applying to it is gonna take about 2 months, which passes all the dates. Can I still rent a car and “exit” the US but not “enter” Canada, take a U-turn, and enter the US?

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