Adjustment of status but had stroke

My mother was about to start adjusting her status to get her green card. Her priority date has come through and she’s in time.

Unfortunately over the weekend she had a massive stroke. Everything she has waited for in the past 20+ years is seeming to come down. She is currently in a hospital but there’s just more they are finding. Not only the massive stroke but she is having heart issues where they think she may have a hole in her heart.

Is she now ineligible to adjust or fix her status? She was literally just starting. Her lawyer had received a response from immigration as per what she told me when I last spoke to her.

I haven’t been able to get in contact with them and I am looking for some sort of answers. I will be requesting FMLA leave from work to get things in order. But I’m facing my own issues. I am starting college again in the fall as I took a year off when I moved a few states away. I do work a full time job so I am getting the time off. But I’m broke as a joke. I’m holding on though.

What are things I can expect? I will look for her lawyer as much as I can but it’s going to take time since she can’t even talk. And we don’t know if she will make it out. That’s what scares me more.

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