9 Month Overstay with a Tourist Visa, Penalty?

Im looking for clarification on a “1 year bar” I received when trying to enter US after I apparently had overstayed by 3 months after the allowed 6 months were up. For more context I am a Canadian citizen that travels regularly between the US and Canada to visit my mother in the US. In January of this year I attempted to enter the US on a tourist visa but this time I didn’t make it to the plane. The agent explained that on my previous stay in the US i had stayed for nine months which was over the allowed time, which i understood.

After explaining this he told me I was not going to be travelling and handed me a paper saying I should bring proof of residence in Canada (I suppose he suspected i was trying to move there illegally) and that I could not attempt to re- enter until January of 2022 (1 year). Now Because I overstayed by at least 90 days, to my understanding it is less than the 180 days that would warrant a 3 year bar and obviously less than the one year overstay. Now I am confused because no where online do i see that a standard 1 year bar exists. Was the 1 year bar the agent gave me straight up bs or do they have the power to hand them out like that?

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