2020 Tax return when spouse is a non resident

Hi Everyone,

This questions is in relation to an IR1 / CR1 visa.
I recently became documentarily qualified and am now awaiting for an embassy appointment for my green card interview.

For my application we submitted my wife's (The USC) 2019 tax return and tax extension for 2020.

However I have been reading lately that when people attend their interviews they are being required to have their 2020 tax returns completed before they will issue a visa. Meaning they have to leave the interview and submit these documents to the embassy through a currier. Adding a huge delay to the process. So obviously me and my wife are attempting to complete her 2020 taxes.

We had hoped to due it once I received my SSN.

So this has led us to the question of how she accounts for me. A non-resident spouse.

Her tax person says that since she is married that she HAS to account for me. Which means I need to apply for a TIN number as I can't get a SSN.

Applying for a TIN number seems extremely difficult as places like that are still essentially shut due to Covid.

Has anyone any experience with this? Filing tax returns with a non-resident spouse? Any advice or experience on the matter would be greatly appreciated.

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